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Business Intelligence for SMEs (Dashboard)

A man of passion knows that every detail counts, in which punching the right data into expertly tailored SeiSense.com datasheets and getting at-a-glance view of KPIs relevant to your business process with black color– makes a great choice for those who always like to keep track of their passionate business progress.
A BI for SMEs dashboard is always a reliable choice: designed in Microsoft Excel 2013 using Pivot tables, each KPI sheet is designed to create an impeccable smart look and is packed with practical details and analysis. BI for SMEs will ensure you always start the day right. Our range of Dashboards visual graphics is designed with inbuilt automation features such as filtering reports at:
• Date (Month, Quarterly, Yearly)
• Branches Level Analysis
• Department Level Analysis
• Diversity Analysis (Gender)
• Ethnic group level analysis
to ensure you get all the details and trends over the period of time at all levels. From Recruitment tracking system, payroll management system, attendance system to bottom line analysis, there is sure to be an option that will suit your business startup and growing needs.

YOU stay focused on your PASSION, leave the rest on Seisense.com


Outcome of this course:

  • Learn how to track job openings in your organization
  • Design a recruitment tracking system to keep track of your progress
  • Desisign a dashboard for managers to monitor your progress on KPIs

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